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Brief History - Department of Geography

A walk-way to Senate Building in ABU Zaria beside Geography Department

The Department of Geography, Ahmadu Bello University started on September 26th 1962 using the classrooms formerly used in teaching ‘A’ Level Geography at the Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology. The first two lecturers were M.B. Thorp and M. Mortimore from Liverpool and Leeds respectively. Prof H.A. Moisley joined the Department as the first Professor of Geography in 1963 from the University of Glasgow and was later joined by P.N. Hore as a Senior Lecturer with a Ph.D from the University of London. By the time the first class of undergraduates moved into part III of the degree programme in October 1964, there were four academic staff in the department. The staff strength has grown to 26 academic staff, 6 technologists, 3 library staff, 7 secretarial staff and a driver.

The Departmental Library is the largest Geography Departmental Library in the country. The Department also has a comprehensive map Library.

Staff-Student relation is friendly and undergraduates run the socially and academically active National Association of Geography Students (NAGS), A.B.U Chapter.

Geography Department was under the Faculty of arts and Social Sciences offering the degree of B.A (Honours) and B.Sc (Honours) in geography respectively. Presently, the department is under the Faculty Science offering only B.Sc in Geography. Apart from the undergraduate degree, the department offers Postgraduate Diplomas in GIS and Rural Development respectively and Masters of Science in Geography, GIS, Transport Management, Population and Demographic studies, Rural Development and Environmental Management respectively. We also offer Ph.D in Geography and Rural Development.

These courses have made the Department a haven of postgraduate students that are eager to attain the training and have been tremendously relevant in all spheres of their endeavours.

Below is the chronological arrangement of those that have headed the Department from 1963 to date.
1. Prof. H.A. Moisley (1963-1965)
2. Prof. E.S. Simpson (1965-1967)
3. Prof. P.N. Hore (1967-1979)
4. Prof. K.O. Ologe (1979-1988; 1989-1990)
5. Prof E.O Oladipo (1990-1992)
6. Prof. J.A Ariyo (1992-1996)
7. Prof. D.O. Ogbonna (1988-1989; 1996-2000)
8. Dr A.L. Bello (2000-2002)
9. Prof. M. Mamman (2002-2006)
10. Prof. E.O. Iguisi (2006-2010)
11. Dr. O.F. Ati (2010-2012)
12. Dr. I.J Musa (2012-Date)

Department of Geography, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria - Nigeria.