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The Departmental Library
The Departmental Library, known popularly as Pramatha Hore Library is located on the first floor of the Department. It is usually open between the hours of 8.00am and 9.30pm from Monday through to Friday. It holds about 2,549 volumes. Over 30 periodicals are available. The library also contains some 2,000 undergraduate and postgraduate past research projects for references only. Works in great demand are usually consigned to a reserve section of the library whereby staff and students can make use of them on hourly basis. The library maintains strict disciplinary rules and regulations for the benefit of all the library users.

Use of the Library by Geography Students
Students of Geography have a special need to be familiar with the organization and content of the library or libraries available to them. This is because:
(a) Works by geographers cover so wide a field that they have to be catalogued under many separate headings and
(b) Many works in other subjects are directly relevant to geographical studies.

The Library Classification.
Books are classified by the Library of Congress Classification, which consists of a letter or letters followed by numbers and further letter and numbers may be added by librarians in the interest of greater precision. If you know the author and/or title of the book you want, start by consulting the card catalogue and, if it is recorded, look for it under the classification given. If you do not have a reference but want to inspect books on a certain subject, you must look at the books on the shelves bearing the relevant classification.

For books of geographical relevance, the likely classification of Kashim Ibrahim Library, which does the classification for the Departmental Library (Based on Library of Congress Classification) will be:
G - This is the main classification for the systematic branches of Geography
GA - Covers Mathematical Geography and Cartography
GB - Physical Geography including Geomorphology and Hydrology but not Meteorology or Climate
GC - Covers the recently expanding field of Oceanography
GF - Covers Anthropology including Ethnology and also Prehistoric Archeology
GT - Includes Manners and Customs
Note, that books on the above subjects but covering only one region or country may also be under D, E, or F
D - Covers General History and General European History
E - Covers the Americans in general, North America and the USA
F - Covers USA local studies and all countries of N and S America
Geographical work or works relevant to Geography are also to be found in:
QC - Which covers Physics including Meteorology (Classes 851 - 999) Also note Geophysics in 801-809
QE - Covers Geology
QK - Covers Botany including Ecology (901-987)
QA - Covers Mathematics
Q - Science (General)
RA - Covers Medicine including Medical Geography (590-625)
S - Covers Engineering including surveying (501 - 625)
H - Is the general class for the Social Sciences and amongst HB, Economics, we find the classes for population (848 - 875)
HC - Includes Economic History and Natural Production
HD - Covers Land, Agriculture and Industry
HE - Transport and Communications
HT - Commerce but includes much Economic Geography
CB - History of Civilization and Culture in General

The Reference Section
Which contains Atlases, Gazetteers, Encyclopedias and much useful manuals as Year Books.

The Record Book Room (Reserve):
For books in great demand which may be borrowed for a brief period.

Departmental Collections and Special Research Facilities
The Department maintains a few collections of books, Project and survey reports which are consulted as immediate references by staff members and students. Our map collections are also largely adequate (although needing up-dating) for our immediate teaching and research purposes. Other special research equipment in the Department (although now need upgrading) include a Cartographic unit, photographic darkroom, air photo analysis equipment, a climatic observatory station, river basin and soil analysis equipment. There is a prominent Physical geography laboratory in the Department.

Department of Geography, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria - Nigeria.