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MSc. Transport Management

The primary focus of this programme is to train skilled manpower that has the capacity to effectively manage our Transport System. Presently, the nation’s transport system is poorly managed with attendant chaos and dilapidation. It is hoped that graduates of this programme can make necessary impact in this sector of the nation’s economy.

The Master of Science (M. Sc.) degree programme shall consist of course work and a research thesis. Courses normally involve lectures, seminar/workshop and field work pursued on a full time and part time basis. After registration, every candidate for the M.Sc. shall pursue the programme for not less than twenty four (24) calendar months which implies that both course work and thesis run simultaneously. Students may be required to take special or remedial undergraduate courses to make up for deficiencies where such exist. Candidates will be required to take a minimum work load of 36 credit units, inclusive of 6 credit units for seminars and 12 credit units for the thesis).

The M.Sc. Programme is designed to produce professionals (who are not necessarily academics) in the field of transportation management. Candidates shall be trained to be well grounded not only in concept, theories, and principles, but also in relevant skills and practical field experience in transport planning, and management. The products of the course are therefore intended to fill the growing need for skilled manpower in the transportation industry so critical at this stage of Nigeria’s development, and in tune with Millennium Development Goals, the Federal Government’s Seven Point Agenda and Vision 2020.

Entry Requirements
The Master of Science degree programme in Transport Management is a full time course. The minimum qualification for admission to the programme is any of the following:
(i) An honors degree (first class or second class divisions) of Ahmadu Bello University or of any other recognised university in geography, urban and regional planning, engineering, economics, business administration, mathematics and physics, of Ahmadu Bello University of any other recognized university.
(ii). An honors degree in Geography (Second Class Lower Division) of Ahmadu Bello University provided that performance in the core Geography subjects and the area of specialization are of a standard which, in the opinion of the Head of Department and the Departmental Board of Postgraduate studies, will make the holder benefit from postgraduate work.
(iii). A combined honors degree (at least Second Class Upper Division) in Geography and any other subject in which the G.P.A in Geography course is not lower than 3.5 and provided that the holders are prepared to take remedial courses in areas of Geography which may be stipulated by the Head of Department.

The programme shall run on full time and part time basis for 24 and 36 calendar months respectively.

i. All the course units in the programme, with the exception of the field exercises which shall be continuously assessed, shall be examined at specific times as determined by the department.
ii. All candidates shall submit a research thesis, which shall be externally examined.
iii. To be awarded the. M. Sc. degree in Transport Management, a candidate shall be required to pass all courses with a minimum score of 50% in each course and accumulate a minimum of 36 credit units.


Note: Students are required to pass all course units and accumulate a minimum of 36 credit units.

First Semester   |   Second Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Status
1 GTPM801 PG Seminar 3 Core
2 GTPM803 Transport and development 3 Core
3 GTPM805 Urban transport management 3 Core
4 GTPM807 Transport logistics and distribution 3 Core
5 GTPM809 Transport and the environment 3 Elective
6 GTPM811 Transport economics 3 Core
7 GTPM813 Accounting and marketing in the transport industry 3 Elective
8 GTPM815 Air transport industry 3 Elective
9 RGIS803 Fundamentals of GIS 3 Elective
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Status
1 GTPM800 Research Thesis 12 Core
2 GTPM802 Rural transport 3 Core
3 GTPM804 Inter-modal transport 3 Core
4 GTPM806 Transport planning 3 Core
5 GTPM808 Transport policy development and implementation procedures. 3 Core
6 GTPM810 Transport for recreation and tourism 3 Elective
7 GTPM812 Human resource management 3 Elective
8 GTPM814 Legal and regulatory issues 3 Elective
9 RGIS804 Data base management 3 Elective
10 GEOG802 Research methods 3 Core
11 GEOG832 Quantitative techniques 3 Core