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PGD Rural Development

All diploma programmes consist of course work and research project. Courses normally involve lectures, laboratory work, seminar/workshop and fieldwork pursued on full-time basis only. After registration, every candidate for the diploma shall pursue the programme for not less than nine calendar months, which implies that both course work and projects run simultaneously. Students may be required to take special or remedial undergraduate courses to make up for deficiencies where such exist.
Candidates for the Diploma programme will be required to take a minimum workload of 24 credit units (including 2 credit units for seminars and 6 credit units for the project).

Objectives of the Programme.
The Diploma programmes are postgraduate courses designed to produce professionals (who are not necessarily academics) in the fields of Environmental Impact Assessment, Remote Sensing and GIS, and Rural Development. Candidates shall be trained to be well grounded not only in concepts, theories and principles, but also in relevant skills and practical field experience in environment monitoring and planning, remote sensing and geographical information system application, and rural planning and development. The products of the courses are therefore intended to fill a critical and growing need for skilled manpower in those areas at the present stage of the country’s development.

Entry Requirement.
These are semi professional, full-time courses with multidisciplinary bias.The minimum qualification for admission to the diploma programmes in Geography is any of the following:
i. An honours degree (First Class or Second Class Divisions) in Geography of Ahmadu Bello University or of any other recognized University.
ii. An honours degree (First Class or Second Class Divisions) in any cognate subject of Ahmadu Bello University or of any other recognized university.
iii. A Third Class degree in Geography or any other cognate subject of Ahmadu Bello University after 5 years of graduation and cognate experience.

(i) All the course units in the programmes, with the exception of the practical and field exercises which shall be continuously assessed, shall be examined at specific times as determined by the department.

(ii) All candidates shall submit a research project, which shall be externally moderated.
(iii) To be awarded the Diploma Certificate, a candidate shall be required to pass all course units (with a minimum score of 50) and accumulate a minimum of 24 credit units.

First Semester   |   Second Semester
S/N Course Code Coreourse Title Coreredit Units Status
1 PDRD713 ResearCoreh Methods 2 Core
2 PDRD725 Rural Development Theories 2 Core
3 PDRD727 Rural Planning Workshop 2 Core
4 PDRD729 Gender and Rural livelihoods 2 Core
5 PDRD731 Population Movements and Rural Devt. 2 Core
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Status
1 PDRD728 Rural Livelihoods and Production System 2 Core
2 PDRD730 Project Planning 2 Core
3 PDRD732 Rural Development Strategies 2 Core